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The Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform enables members to share, promote, manage and build collaborative communities.

What is it?

Perceptible’s Zaboutme Intelligent Engagement Platform lets you build your own on-line communities within one single platform and with a single management dashboard.

Zaboutme means that organizations no longer need to separate their web site from their intranet or their portal. And with intelligence as the cornerstone it means everyone can learn more and improve their performance and interaction.

Zaboutme What is it
Why Zaboutme is right for you

The goal of a Zaboutme is to foster innovation by integrating knowledge management and artificial intelligence into business processes so members can share information and solve business problems more efficiently.

Zaboutme Why
How does it work?

Traditional communication and content silos do not encourage peer-to-peer content sharing and communications. Zaboutme transforms this old school approach into horizontally integrated layers through the adoption of a user-driven collaboration community.

Zaboutme How does it work